Our aim with this site is to promote the Deutsch Drahthaar, the most versatile hunting dog available.  As a registered kennel, under the German Breed Club Verein Deutsch Drahthaar, Stillwasser Kennel is dedicated to producing superior hunting dogs that have the proper, nose, desire, instinct, physical ability, and the mental aptitude to perform at the highest level in a multitude of diverse hunting conditions.  From pointing birds in the uplands, to retrieving waterfowl in the marsh, to tracking big game, these dogs will deliver as advertised.  Bred under a strict certification process that requires an independent evaluation of performance skills including use of nose, pointing, retrieving, tracking, and cooperation, as well as an evaluation of coat and confirmation, this standard has consistently produced truly outstanding hunting companions.

Bre with a KS Whitetail Souvenir
We work hard at training and hunting our dogs, but like most, we also maintain full time commitments to jobs and families.  My life is NOT centered around these dogs, but they are a part of my life that I truly enjoy.  My desire is to never produce a dog that I would not be proud to own and train for my own personal use. 

Eick vom Stillwasser

Kiser vom Stillwasser


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