Eick (Ike), now certified for breeding, was an absolute joy to train and handle through the testing program.  Early to mature, A quick learner and loves to please, he is an equal pleasure as a hunting companion.  He is a very reliable pointer, with a truly outstanding nose.  Eick has the same super disposition as his mother (Penny), ("everybody likes Ike") and has the same overall versatility as his sire (Jet). 

Eick vom Stillwasser

VJP - 70  HZP - 163 VGP - 263

Eick's Photo Show

Carla is a classy lady always focused on the desire of her handler.  Strong water ability, stylish pointer, accomplished tracker, and our most consistant performer, she is a welcome companion on any outing. A blend of Costa Rubea and proven American bloodlines, we are proud of what she represents in our breeding program and look forward to her contributions to follow.  Carla produced our J and I litters..

Charlotte vom Stillwasser

VJP - 71 HZP 188 VGP 278

Carla's Photo Show

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Jet is the ultimate hunting companion, no matter the situation.  Whether hunting in the the upland fields or sharing a blind in the swamp, he is a true joy.  He has sired our A, B, and E litters and the O II vom Wildflugel litter.  He is producing pups that mature early with very strong point (avg. 11), excellent nose (avg. 10), very biddable, balanced water abilities, strong trackers, and good natural retrievers with a very soft delivery.  Jet, in his tenth season, is now retired from breeding but still a very active hunt team member.

Ares vom Ike VJP-69 HZP-170 VGP-271

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